[Discussion] Just some thoughts

travis at librenetwork.org travis at librenetwork.org
Thu Apr 4 15:51:26 EDT 2019

Hello -

This is just a general note about the project and some thoughts I had 
and wanted to share. Initially, this project started off as the Orlando 
MeshNet. At the time, I was living in Orlando and learned about the 
darknet project. Shortly after that, I learned about The Free Network 
Foundation (FNF). I don't know what happened to the FNF - it had a lot 
of great momentum behind it but then it eventually dropped off. The 
website is sort of online still (with SSL errors) and the wiki is a bit 
of a mess. I've been working on moving as much information as I can over 
to our wiki - wiki.librenetwork.org. Sadly, items such as images are 

I hope to contribute what I can and maybe make LibreNetwork a "v2.0" of 
sorts of the FNF. I think it's a great idea, there's a good philosophy 
behind it, and would love to pick up where the FNF left off.

If you're interested, I do invite you to join 
discussion at lists.librenetwork.org 
and let me know how you'd like to help. Right now, the big task is 
scrubbing Orlando MeshNet and FNF names.

Please feel free to reply if you're interested!

Thank you,


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